ANEEL releases commercial operations of 320 MW of new plants in April

Brazil has, to date, achieved an installed capacity of 172,282 MW of supervised power
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In April, ANEEL (National Electric Energy Agency) authorized the commercial operation of over 320 MW of power, 94% of which were installed in wind and solar projects. This increase is equivalent to enough energy to supply a city with around 375 thousand inhabitants, according to the Agency.

With this, Brazil has, to date, achieved an installed capacity of 172,282 MW of inspected power, according to data from SIGA (ANEEL's Generation Information System). Of this total in operation, 82.8% are driven by renewable sources.

The research also points out that Piauí (423.35 MW) and Rio Grande do Norte (149.63 MW) are the states that showed the greatest expansion in the electrical matrix.

Below is the graph released by ANEEL that shows the expansion in the month of April in the country.

ANEEL libera a operação comercial de 320 MW de novas usinas em abril

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